Services and Solutions





  • Electronics Design
  • Electronics Testing
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Materials and Process Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Engineering Proposals and Cost Modeling
  • Software Design


  • Systems
    Windows/Linux Server installation and administration.
  • Web Development
    Using the Latest technology to provide a secure application that is functional anywhere there is a connection to the web.
  • Database Design
    SQL databases provide the stability, performance, scalability and reporting capability to enable a robust application that can grow with your business.
  • Application Design
    Good design solves business problems and provides the tools to effectively complete daily tasks whether they are large or small.
  • User interface Design
    Design that makes sense and allows the user to do what they need to do simply and easily.
  • Software Specifications
    Turning business requirements into a detailed specification for software design.
  • Software Testing
    Software has to work even when things don’t go the way they were planned. Thorough testing ensures that the software will properly manage the unexpected.
  • Application Software Development
    Turning requirements into an efficient software product using the most effective technology available today.
  • Project Management
    A key to success for any project is merging the expectations of the client with the technology to achieve a great solution. Our experienced project management team will manage the project from vision to implementation, ensuring a solution that performs as expected on time and within budget.