• International Space Station
    Battery and Power systems design.
  • J2X (Aries Upper Stage)
    ECU controller, Igniter and Magnetics design.
  • RS25 (Low Cost Shuttle Redesign)
    ECU design support, Igniter design.
    Manufacturing Engineering support.
  • RS-68 (Delta IV)
    Electrical Engineering support, Manufacturing Engineering support Power Supply design support, Data Analysis software tools.
  • Concentrated Sodium Power
    Manufacturing Engineering support.
  • Space Shuttle
    Software Process Optimization Tool design and development, Inspection Database design and development, Warehousing softward for End of Life program.
  • Space Shuttle Main Engine
    Management Control Suite software applicatoin design, IPPD Control Suite software requirements specification and software test plan.
  • Laser Optic Communication Satellite
    Encryption module design.
  • KW (Sea Based Kinetic Warhead)
    Ground test hardware and software design.


  • Security Systems
    Clustered server check point services, database and UI design. Multithreaded RS-232 and TCP/IP communications. 
  • Imaging
    Embedded scanner controllers, SCSI device drivers, diagnostics, QC workstation and high speed image capture workstation.
  • Manufacturing
    Test equipment design, programming in circuit test equipment.